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What is a Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin faucet is a website or mobile app that rewards users with small amounts of Bitcoin for completing simple tasks or captchas. These tasks could include watching ads, playing games, or filling out surveys. The concept of a Bitcoin faucet was first introduced in 2010 by Gavin Andresen, a prominent Bitcoin developer. Faucets were initially used as a way to increase awareness and adoption of Bitcoin. While the rewards are small, Bitcoin faucets provide an easy and risk-free way for people to get their first taste of Bitcoin without having to invest any money.

Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
19nxyAbUr3nTkxm6b9F8LBerxf2nEG5oNH2 satoshi2023-03-21 13:58:56
1MpRFqB3S2aqMfddaa33GtDwVAXHXaftZ62 satoshi2023-03-21 13:27:12
14GejxEHUWRDavZ8zqMQriXHBzVJtDWQGy2 satoshi2023-03-21 13:19:53
17tANMDnEyKFruQ33wZ4SpmZzqeupnwddM2 satoshi2023-03-21 13:13:11
1J2DiVF5LModJhvivcbQXXAWvrYTdKTGfH2 satoshi2023-03-21 13:10:46
32G2CGqwvGA6ctekPSRechi1WyTRHn9zZU2 satoshi2023-03-21 13:07:06
1HeAdF2xVgLRvzcp99UU2PDEYqLd2VtHi62 satoshi2023-03-21 13:02:49
1Nq7h97rm6EpLfBWSqXUGgXVL3Z7eAvE9Y2 satoshi2023-03-21 12:43:02
1GhYkw9YS1mWJMrM5n1SLwSFEkxr2k87qN2 satoshi2023-03-21 12:40:56
112Erqf4JkN35sDFcvbuhvxoe14ZGsQKZB2 satoshi2023-03-21 12:36:51